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What is holding you back?

Hot cross buns remind us of the Holy Cross

I love hot cross buns. Thanks to this treat every year we are all reminded of the crucifixion of Jesus that took place some 2000 years ago. It is quite interesting to read in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 that Jesus was so anxious and fearful of what was about to happen to him that he prayed to God that it would pass. Imagine the implications if God agreed? We would all be doomed! Fear almost got the better of Him but He faced it head on by not running away.

Are we also sometimes so full of fear that we don’t take action? Is this not the reason why we don’t take risks? We are afraid of the things that can go wrong. This can be applicable to many facets of life, but specially business, new ventures and opportunities.

Recently I took up an old hobby of mine, electronics. I had to face my fear of being somewhat rusted on the subject of micro controllers. Fortunately there are so many good books available on current technology that there are no more excuses. I am also delving deep into programming C++ and Java, something you have to do in the integrated environment of automation.

It is quite normal to have fears of the unknown. But my recommendation is to face it. Peter was afraid of persecution when he denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Fortunately for him he was forgiven, but imagine if he stood up for his Savior? If only he knew, he could have been alongside Jesus and one of the first in heaven!
Imagine what you can do, what possibilities will be open if you face your fear. Is your fear still holding you back?

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