What do you value most?

7 values in life – spiritual is not shown

When I did the Indivineur workshop a week ago, led by Willem Gous, he probed us by making us think what our own values were. You may ask why? Because if your own values do not resonate with your business ideas and goals in life, you are not on the right track.

So I took his advice and tried to determine my own values on the website. Here you must register before you can do the exercise. It took me a few hours to tally up all 13 questions, because the website does not do this automatically. Then find your ten most prominent values.

This is how it works: In each question that represents a different angle or facet of yourself, you write down 3 things you like most, in order of preference. After the last question is answered, you find similarities among all the answers, rate and group them. You can also watch the 10 minute or so video by Dr. Demartin, but reading the questions thoroughly should be fine.

I must say I was quite shocked to find that in areas which I thought had high priority, the rating showed far lower. On the other side of the spectrum, things which I knew was top priority and high on my focus list, came up tops. A good thing is that as life progresses and your circumstances change, these values may change as well in their rankings. Phew, what a relief!

I urge you to determine your own worth in your own way, and be sure that you follow the right dreams so that your venture does not turn into a nightmare. Most of all, do not neglect the things which should be the highest priority in your life!

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