Theft prevention product

Update  Р7 October 2016

It seems that our neighbourhood is being targeted again, we had some instances of theft and attempted break-ins reported. Please be so kind to fill out the survey below so I can get an idea of your interest for me to design a mobile alarm triggering device to mitigate these attacks.

10 April 2016

In the last 2 weeks we have had several gate motors stolen in our area. To try and mitigate this trend or totally eliminate the occurrence, I have drawn up a survey to better understand the scenarios surrounding these thefts. With this information I will be better equipped to develop a product to mitigate the risk. The best prize would be to develop a solution that can be applied to other items as well and give us some peace of mind.

See some other sources of information through the links below (it should open on a new tab) and then proceed with the survey.

Welcome to your Theft Prevention survey. Please answer the questions below:



Phone Number

1. Do you have any removable assets that you would like to protect against theft?


2. If so, please select one or more assets that you would like to include:


3. Do you have an existing alarm that you would like this asset protection to link to?


4. If you do not want the link option, how would you like to be notified of an intrusion? Select one or more options:


5. We are looking at some kind of anti-tamper device that would alarm before the damage is done. But we are also open to new suggestions. Please give us some ideas on how you think attempted theft can be detected early? (please answer optionally, it is not compulsory)Hint

6. We are looking at an effective way to prevent theft of any item of value, whether mechanical, electrical or electronic. To this end some basic information is required regarding the type of installation you have. Please select below if applicable in your case for your gate motor:


7. How much would you be prepared to pay for an effective system that can be linked to any alarm system, including installation but excluding the actual wiring in to your armed response company?


8. As far as we know there is no such product on the market as yet, that is why your input is so important. With your help, advice and ideas we have a much better idea of what the requirements are. Please indicate if you would like to receive further updates of development progress?


This is the end of the Theft Prevention survey. Thanks for participating and making us understand your needs better!

Click Submit Survey to see a summary of your input. If you would like to change some of your choices, just use the Contact Me form to submit the changes.