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A good attendance at Hobby-X 2016

What is your hobby? This question is often asked by a prospective employer, trying to identify your passion in life. This year I decided to attend the Hobby exhibition at the dome in Northgate. My reason for going was two-fold. I have never attended such an exhibition before, and I wanted to see if there is any possibility to turn my own hobby into a business opportunity.

The possibilities of starting something with laser printing seems good. I was blown away by the seemingly unlimited possibilities of these machines. However, finding a market for the impressive products that can be made would be daunting. Unless you already have an established market or client base, chances are that this venture will not generate enough revenue to even pay off these expensive machines within a reasonable period.

The amount of general consumer products, especially the kitchen-bound variety was astonishing. What do the marketing of these have to do with hobbies? I guess some people see the task of preparing food as a hobby. Just recently I saw this article shared by Guy Kawasaki.

The reason I am really glad for attending is for meeting up with Willem Gous, the author of the book Indivineur(TM). Willem and his partner were advocating their professional services as opportunity accelerators, something I desperately need at the moment. So after hearing their mini-seminar speeches, I did not hesitate to sign up for the chance to invest in myself and my entrepreneur business.


    1. Starting a business is more challenging than I anticipated. Merely starting a product for the sake of making something that will not fly off the shelves is not an option I will pursue. My focus for now is to find a niche and get the support from followers who will embrace the product or service.

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